The Tutorials and Workshops program at Cognitive Science 2009 allow participants to gain new insights, knowledge, and skills from a broad range of areas in the field of cognitive science.

Attending any tutorial or workshop session requires conference registration, but there are no additional fees associated with these sessions; participation is included with your conference registration. Below are the titles, duration and locations for each of the sessions offered this year. Click on the session title to view the abstract for that session in a new window (abstracts are in .pdf format).


Quantum Information Processing Theory
Jerome R. Busemeyer & Zheng Wang

Dynamic Field Theory: Conceptual Foundations and Applications in the Cognitive and Developmental Sciences
Gregor Schoner, Christian Faubel, & Vanessa Simmering

EPAM/CHREST Tutorial: Fifty Years of Simulating Human Learning
Peter C.R. Lane & Fernand Gobet
(half-day morning)

CogSketch Tutorial
Kenneth D. Forbus
(half-day afternoon)


ACT-R Workshop
John R. Anderson, Daniel Bothell, Christian Lebiere, & Niels A. Taatgen

Large-Scale Cognitive Modeling using Model Integrated Computing
Scott Douglass, Jonathan Sprinkle, Christopher Bogart, Nick Cassimatis, Andrew Howes, Randolph M. Jones, & Richard Lewis

New Developments in the Cognitive Science of Religion
Luther H. Martin, Robert N. McCauley, & Armin W. Geertz

[CANCELED]Aspects of the Self in VR: Implications for Design[CANCELED]
Vanja Kljajević & Kamilla Jóhannsdóttir

Production of Referring Expressions: Bridging the gap between computational and empirical approaches to reference
Kees van Deemter, Albert Gatt, Roger van Gompel, & Emiel Krahmer
Website: http://pre2009.uvt.nl/

Intuitive Pedagogical Reasoning: An Interdisciplinary Workshop
Patrick Shafto & Noah Goodman

Swarm Cognition Workshop
Vito Trianni & Elio Tuci
Website: http://laral.istc.cnr.it/swarm-cognition

Psychocomputational Models of Human Language Acquisition
William Gregory Sakas & Rens Bod

Merging professional development and science: Constructing a successful grant proposal
Laurie Beth Feldman, Janet van Hell, Judith Kroll, & Suparna Rajaram
(half-day afternoon)

Distributional Semantics beyond Concrete Concepts
Yves Peirsman, Yannick Versley, & Tim van de Cruys
Website: http://www.let.rug.nl/disco2009/
(half-day morning)

For your reference, we have archived the calls for workshops and for tutorials.