Policy on Journal Publication of Conference Papers

Our Conference Proceedings are not considered archival for purposes of publication in either of the two Cognitive Science Society journals. The policy of the Society is that work published in a Proceedings paper may be considered for journal submission provided that the journal submission is substantially more elaborated than the Proceedings paper in terms of literature review, data analysis, and/or discussion.

We have no formal agreements with any other journals or societies. However, it is our experience that most journals and societies adopt the same position to Proceedings papers as we do. As far as we know this issue has only arisen twice in the first 30 years of the Society's existence, and both times the journal editor resolved the issue in favor of the author. A third case in 2007 was in reference to a paper submitted to Psychological Science. The Editor at the time concluded that, "...the CSS Proceedings meet the criterion of 'limited circulation' and I don't see any problem with our publishing this or any other manuscript that has appeared in those Proceedings. Of course, that view hinges on distribution remaining, for all intents and purposes, with conference attendees."

However, please remember that in all cases, it is the responsibility of the author to point out to the Editor that part or all of the manuscript is based on work previously presented at the Cognitive Science Conference and published in the Proceedings. If you fail to do so, you are in violation of CSS policy and your actions may be considered an ethical breach.