Past Sponsored Events

The 2014 Student Sponsorships have been awarded to:
California Cognitive Science Conference--Katie Rainford, Inside the Consumer's Cognition: Exploring the Influence of Counterfactual Thinking on Brand Loyalty
Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence -- David Sanchez-Mendoza, Emotions Classification using Facial Action Units Recognition
Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience at the University of Waterloo--Chrissy Chubala, Mirror Neurons and Affordances
Computational Models of Narrative workshop--Oleg Sobchuk, Multilevel Accentuation and Its Role in the Memorization of Narrative
European Workshop of Imagery and Cognition--Kim Puls, Two kinds of interference effects in spatial perspective taking
First Annual Conference on Cognitive Science (India)--Megha Sharda, Structural and Functional networks underlying auditory processing in children with autism
International Workshop on Learning and Memory Consolidation--Nicola Cellini, On-Line vs Off-Line Consolidation Of Motor Skills In Young Primary Insomniacs
Int'l Conference on Cognitive Science--A. V. Kedrov, A single cognitive event model for studying the cellular bases of long-term olfactory memory formation
Jagiellonian-Rutgers Conference in Cognitive Science--Orance Mahaldar, Studying Differential EEG Response to Emotionally Arousing Audio-visual Stimuli in Male and Female Audience from India
KogWis conference series of German Cognitive Science Society--Rebecca Albrecht, Towards formally founded ACT-R simulation and analysis
LCM6 Young Researcher Workshop--Krystyna Pomorska, Can Children with Austism Read Emotion from the Eyes? The Eyes Test revisted and Sandra Cronhamn, Tracking Cultural Contact and Spread by Means of Lexical Data: A Tupian Case Study
Midwestern Cognitive Science Society -- Shuli Yu, The time course of preference formation in risky decision making
Perspectives on Human Probabilistic Inferences--Keisuke Suzuki, Multisensory integration across interoceptive and exteroceptive domains modulates the experience of body ownership
Society for Anthropological Sciences
Spatial Cognition -- Linsey Smith, Mechanisms of spatial learning: Teaching children geometric categories
Symposium on Spatial Language Modules--Claudia Cialone, Diversity of Spatial Language and Thought in Architects, Painters and Sculptors
UCLA's Cognitive Science Student Association-- Cody Kommers, An Argument for the Innate Human Predilection of Western Harmony

The 2013 Student Sponsorships have been awarded to:
Artificial General Intelligence (AGI-13)]-- Tarek Richard Besold, When Almost Is Not Even Close: Remarks on the Approximability of HDTP
Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics -- Felix Hill and Douwe Kiela, Concreteness and corpora: A theoretical and practical analysis.
Collective Intentionality Conference - (to be awarded in 2014)
Computational Models of Narrative (CMN) workshop -- Angela Nyhout, Constructing spatial representations from narratives and non-narrative descriptions: Evidence from 7-year-olds
European Conference on Eye Movements-- Steven Savage, Oculomotor signatures of cognitive distraction
International Conference on Neural Information Processing-- Ko Sakai, Latency modulation of border ownership selective cells in V1-V2 feed-forward network
International Conference on Cognitive Modelling
International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion -- Radek Kundt, Excitation Transfer and Religious Rituals: The Effects of Arousal on Social Behaviour
Learning to Attend, Attending to Learn workshop -- Megan deBettencourt, Learning to sustain attention with real-time fMRI neurofeedback
Linguistic adaptation workshop -- Vincent Poretta, Auditory prelexical processing of foreign-accented speech and Dave F. Kleinschmidt, Modeling adaptation to multiple speakers as (Bayesian) belief updating
Midwest Undergraduate Cognitive Science Conference -- Benjamin A. Seitzman, Cognitive Manipulation of Brain Electric Microstates
Qualitative Reasoning Workshop(QR) -- Marion Hämmerli, Adding Perspectival Location to a Mereotopological Theory of Spatial Representation
Summer institute in spatial cognition -- Lindsay (Morgan) Vass, Neural coding of location and direction on a familiar college campus
Tilburg Gesture Research meeting (TiGeR 2013)-- Paraskevi Argyriou, Left-Hand Gestures Advantage on Metaphor Explanation: Evidence of Gestures' Self-Oriented Functions

Awarded in 2013--
Society for Anthropological Sciences -- Michael H. Thomas, Bounded Speculation: Creative Anticipation and Practice

The 2012 Student Sponsorships have been awarded to:
Diagrams 2012 -- Richard Burns, Automatically Recognizing Intended Messages in Grouped Bar Charts
Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics
Midwestern Artificial Intelligence And Cognitive Science Conference --Sarjoun Doumit, Topic Identification and Analysis in Large News Corpora
Conference on Conceptual Change--Jake McMullen, Spontaneous focusing on quantitative relations in the development of mathematical skills
Bi-Annual Conference of the German Cognitive Science Society--Katharina Krämer, Behavioural and Neural Differences in Social Engagement during Cross-Cultural Interactions
Intl Conference on Computational Creativity--Atılım Günes Baydin, Automated Generation of Cross-Domain Analogies via Evolutionary Computation
Midwest Cognitive Science Conference-- Jennifer Trueblood, An investigation of context effects in multi-alternative choice behavior
Society for Anthropological Sciences--Awarded in 2013
Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval-- Erik M. Schmidt, Relating Perceptual and Feature Space Invariances in Music Emotion Recognition
Midwest Undergraduate Cognitive Science Conference--Robert Hawkins, Quantifying Emergence in Perceptual Organization
Intl Conference on Cognitive Modeling--Krzysztof Andrelczyk, Oscillatory Basis of Individual Differences in Working Memory Capacity
Postgraduate Conference on Robotics and Dev of Cognition--Beata J. Grzyb, Reachable by walking: inappropriate integration of near and far space may lead to distance errors
Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference on Consciousness--Santiago Arango Munoz, The Nature of Epistemic Feelings
Int'l Assn for the Cognitive Science of Religion
Int'l Society for the Psychology of Science and Technology --Isabel Braun, Reading at the Core while Standing at the Outer Edge of Science: Students- Strategies for Comprehending Research Articles
Symposium of the Society for Language Development-- Elika Bergelson, University of Pennsylvania, and James White, UCLA
Computational Models of Narrative workshop--Rogelio Cardona Rivera, Indexter: A Computational Model of the Event-Indexing Situation Model for Characterizing Narratives

The 2011 Student Sponsorships have been awarded to:
ASIC 2011--The queen of hearts and the ace of spades: Describing conjunctive probability assessment from experience with weighted averaging, Mirjam Jenny
Behavior Research in Modeling & Simulation (BRIMS) -- Exploring the Impact of a Stochastic Hiring Function in Dynamic Organizations, Geoffrey P. Morgan
European Conference on Eye Movements--Eye movements and brain oscillatory responses during serial and free viewing of emotional images, Jaana Simola
European Conference on Cognitive Science--EuroCogsci2011-- The Persistence of 'Storage': Language and Concepts in Memory Research by Ian O'Loughlin; Causal Reasoning in Decision Making: The role of causal models and their parameters by Motoyuki Saito and Tsuneo Shimazaki; Infants Use Social Signals to Learn from Unfamiliar Referential Cues by Rachel Wu, Natasha Kirkham, Kristen Swan, Teodora Gliga; Experiencing Objects: the Role of the Body by Ettore Ambrosini, Claudia Scorolli, Anna M. Borghi, Marcello Costantini; Effects of Harmonic Structure on Phonological Priming in Vocal Music by Dania Shihui Chan, Siqi Chan, Ying Lau, Yan Ling Leow, Stephen Wee Hun Lim
Midwestern Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Conference-- A Machine Learning Approach to Identifying Sections in Legal Briefs, Scott Vanderbeck, co-authored with Joseph Bockhorst
TECNOCOG (Technology, Philosophy and Cognition) workshop-- Applying Embodied Principles to Sensory Substitution Devices: The Role of Active Exploration and Action-Contingent Information, Alejandro Díaz García, co-authored with Alex Garcia & David Jacobs.
ICDL-EpiRob conference-- Emerging social awareness: exploring intrinsic motivation in multiagent learning, Pedro Sequeira with Melo, Prada, Paiva
Cognitive Science Regional Meeting at Michigan State University-- Effects of Auditory Entrainment on Visual Attention, Jared Miller
Conference on Computational Creativity-- Scuddle: Generating Movement Catalysts for Computer-Aided Choreography, Kristin Carlson, co-authored with Thecla Schiphorst and Philippe Pasquier
Society for Anthropological Sciences(SASci)2011-- A case analysis of using the concept of an 'attractor' from chaos theory to model the micro-level dynamics of interactions among knowledge systems, Wenyi Zhang
Advances in Cognitive Systems - computational approaches to high-level cognition
Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics workshop at ACL-- Unsupervised Syntactic Chunking with Acoustic Cues: Computational Models for Prosodic Bootstrapping, John Pate, co-authored with Sharon Goldwater
Society for Mathematical Psychology-- A phase transition model for the speed-accuracy trade-off, Gilles Dutilh

The 2010 Student Sponsorship awards were to:
Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference -- Language Is Not Always Helpful: Labels do not Facilitate the Learning of Information-Integration Category Structures, Shaw L. Ketels & Matt Jones
Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics Workshop at the Association for Computational Linguistics meeting -- The role of memory in superiority violation gradience, Marisa F. Boston
Cognitive Science Conference on Concepts-- The form of implicit knowledge representation: abstract or modality specific?, Anna Anzulewicz
D-CIS Human Factors Event- Multimodal information presentation for high load human computer interaction, Yujia Cao
Diagrams 2010 - Recognizing the Intended Message of Line Graphs, Peng Wu, Sandra Carberry, Stephanie Elzer and Daniel Chester
Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference On Consciousness - Do mirror neurons support simulation-based, low-level mind reading?, Benjamin Visscher Hole
International Conference on Cognitive Modeling -- A Cognitive Model of the Acquisition and Use of Referring Expressions, Jacolien van Rij, Hedderik van Rijn, & Petra Hendriks
Midwest Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Conference - Recognizing Human Gestures Utilizing the Nintendo Wii Remote, Daniel Hale and Tristan Hartzell
Multi Modal Output Generation 2010- A Demonstration of Continuous Interaction with Elckerlyc, Herwin van Welbergen, Dennis Reidsma and Job Zwiers
Society for Anthropological Sciences Measuring Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Does Knowledge Mean Skill?, Eric P. Kightley
Society for Mathematical Psychology -- Bayesian Hierarchical Model Evaluation for the Receiver Operating Characteristic in Recognition Memory, Kenneth Olson

The Society sponsored the following student paper awards in 2009
The locus of the Gratton effect in picture-word interference by Leendert van Maanen and Hedderik van Rijn at the 9th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling
Learning Motor Dependent Crutchfield's Information Distance to Anticipate Changes in the Topology of Sensori Body Maps by Thomas Schatz, and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer at the 2009 International Conference on Development and Learning
Partial funding of awards at SARMAC 2009 (Society for Applied Research on Memory and Cognition)
Learning and Navigating Built Environments: Individuals- Travel Patterns and Spatial Knowledge Measured in the Field with a Mobile Geographic Information System by Drew Dara Abrams at COSIT 09 (Conference on Spatial Information Theory)
Perceptual vs Conceptual Similarities and Creation of New Features in Visual Metaphors by Amitash Ojha and Bipin Indurkhya at the 2nd Intl Analogy Conference
Why Don't Psychology Students Like Statistics? by Carlo Chiorri, Silvia Galli, Francesca Chiesi, Sara Piattino, & Caterina Primi -- and speaker support at Math Psych 2009
Student scholarships -- Maximo Trench and Nicolas Oberholzer --Summer School In Cognitive Sciencein Sofia, Bulgaria