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Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee: Dan Grodner, Dan Mirman, Anna Papafragou, John Trueswell, Jared Novick, Sudha Arunachalam, Stella Christie and Cat Norris

Organizing Committee Chair: Anna Papafragou (University of Delaware)

Program Co-Chairs: John Trueswell (University of Pennsylvania), Anna Papafragou (University of Delaware), Dan Grodner (Swarthmore College), Dan Mirman (Drexel University)

Workshop, Tutorial, and Symposium Co-Chairs: Stella Christie and Cat Norris (Swarthmore College)

Member Abstract Co-Chairs: Sudha Arunachalam (Boston University) and Jared Novick (University of Maryland-CASL)

Invited Symposium Organizers: Anna Papafragou (University of Delaware), John Trueswell (University of Pennsylvania) and Dan Grodner (Swarthmore College)

Awards Committee Chair: Dan Mirman (Drexel University)

Website Chair: Jared Medina (University of Delaware)

Student Volunteer Chairs: Anna Belardinelli and Martin Butz (University of Tübingen)

Sponsorship Chair: John Trueswell (University of Pennsylvania)

Conference Officer: Jessica Wong