A Meta-Analytic Review of Verbal Overshadowing Effect on Insight Problem Solving Using Bayes Factors

AbstractThere has been a debate on the process of insight problem solving. The special-process view posits that insight problem solving processes are implicit unlike non-insight problem solving. The business-as-usual view, on the other hand, assumes that the same processes as non-insight problem solving are involved in insight problem solving. To reconcile them, we can rely on the evidence on the verbal overshadowing effect on insight problem solving. However, there is a methodological problem on how to determine whether the verbal overshadowing effect has emerged. The purpose of the present study was to solve the problem using Bayes Factors. We reanalyzed the data presented in the previous studies examining the effects of verbalization on insight problem solving. The results showed that some studies inappropriately concluded that the verbal overshadowing effect was not obtained. We also discussed possible moderating variables of the effect.

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