Change of Consciousness and Attitude through Learning Experience in University: An Exploratory Learning Model of Japanese University Students

AbstractChanges in students’ learning approaches/attitudes when transitioning from high schools to universities is an important topic in Japanese higher education researches. In previous Japanese research, case studies have discussed students’ learning experiences and attitudes in high schools and universities. However, most of them only discussed the difference and the similarity between high school and university and did not suggest the ways of connecting two different or similar learning systems. The present study conducted surveys using two questionnaires that examined first-year undergraduate students’ learning experience in high school, learning attitude at the start of the semester, and learning experience and attitude at the end of the semester. The analysis of the start–end of the semester suggests there were two different learning attitudes: one that is continued from high school and difficult to be affected by the learning experience in university and the other that is changeable through active and communicative learning experiences in university.

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