Proceedings Publication FAQ

Timeline/Format of Proceedings Publication

Papers and abstracts that have been accepted to the annual conference are due in final, camera-ready format roughly a month after notification of acceptance has gone out to authors. Please use this time to carefully revise your papers and abstracts in light of reviewer comments, and to carefully check your work for errors and typos.


Where can I find the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society?

Proceedings dating back to 2000 can be found at this page on the eScholarship website.

Are post-publication changes to the proceedings allowed?

No, this is not logistically feasible. Please make sure that you have corrected any errors or typos in your work before the submission deadline for the camera-ready final version!

Can I publish work from my Proceedings paper as a journal article in the future?

Please see details here for our Society’s policy regarding this issue.

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