The Cognitive Science Society began publication of Topics in Cognitive Science (topiCS) in 2009.

The Governing Board of the Cognitive Science Society voted in late 2006 to found a new journal, Topics in Cognitive Science (topiCS). The journal fills a niche not occupied by the society’s journal Cognitive Science or other journals in the field. As the name suggests, topiCS is directed at current topics in cognitive science. The journal has a special issue format with each issue focusing on a single topic or theme. The journal continues in the tradition of Cognitive Science by being characterized by rigorous reviewing and high-quality papers

Topics in Cognitive Science (topiCS) began publication in January, 2009.


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The New York Times features a TopiCS article. Editorial Introduction is here.


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Topics Executive Editor

Wayne D. Gray
Cognitive Science Department
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Carnegie Building
110 8th Street
Troy, NY 12180
office: 518.276.3315
fax: 518.276.8268

Authors’ Rights

Cognitive Science is a premier outlet for innovative research and theory, and Topics in Cognitive Science provides a unique venue for collections of papers that focus on new and emerging topics or which are a bit off the mainstream, but of broad interest.

You might not know that the rights that our Authors have are nearly as unique as our journals. In contrast to most journals, the copyright to each paper is owned by the Society not the Publisher. Our negotiated contract with Wiley-Blackwell explicitly states that our authors have the right to:

A. Use the published PDF of their article immediately with no limitations on personal use (of course, commercial use is something else entirely).
B. Post the final, electronic versions of the PDF produced by our publisher, Wiley-Blackwell, immediately, on your personal websites.

The final, electronic version of each issue of the journal is free to access on Wiley Online Library after a 1 year embargo period. Furthermore, the Society has the right to post the final, electronic versions of each issue of both journals on our archive site after a 3 year embargo. This means that all of our content can be downloaded for free by anyone (members or not), anywhere in the world.

This access policy is conventionally known as “green open access.”

The Cognitive Science Society is pleased to announce the establishment of the CogSci Grove which aims to mobilise cognitive scientists to offset carbon emissions associated with their professional activities.

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