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The Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society is the world’s premiere annual conference for the interdisciplinary study of cognition. Cognitive Science draws on a broad spectrum of disciplines, topics, and methodologies, in addition to the full breadth and diversity of research topics offered by the society’s membership.

Submissions will report on work involving any approach to Cognitive Science, including, but not limited to, anthropology, artificial intelligence, computational cognitive systems, cognitive development, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, education, evolution of cognition, linguistics, logic, machine learning, network analysis, neural networks, philosophy, and robotics. We expect this meeting to have 800+ attendees in person, and this is a great opportunity to place your products or services in front of this focused audience.

Sponsor CogSci 2024

We have created a prospectus that encourages a bespoke approach to sponsoring the annual conference, by selected elements of the program that align most with your audience and / or research topics and themes.

Why Sponsor?

Promote equity and inclusion in cognitive science – sponsorship funds help support our new pay what you can membership fee structure

Support diversity, openness, and innovation – the inclusion of affinity groups, formed around shared identities, interests, and goals. CogSci proceedings are fully Open Access and we award dissertation & career-stage prizes honoring outstanding scientific contributions

Make participation global and sustainable – the conference structure encourages engagement & participation from all over the globe. The CogSci Grove actively helps offset carbon costs of our event.

Exhibit at CogSci 2024

Access 800+ international delegates, by attending the conference as an exhibitor. Your company/organization will have the opportunity to connect with attendees from anywhere in the world, and create and build relationships with key decision makers.

Exhibitor dates (Subject to change until final program is announced):

  • Wednesday July 24: Pre-Conference workshops
  • Thursday July 25: All day conference
  • Friday July 26: All day conference
  • Saturday July 27: All day conference


Past attendance

CogSci 2023   Virtual & Sydney Conference – 1,155 

CogSci 2022   Virtual & Toronto Conference – 1436

CogSci 2021   Virtual & Vienna Conference – 1870

CogSci 2020   Virtual Conference – 2100

CogSci 2019    Montreal, Canada – 1168

CogSci 2018     Madison, Wisconsin – 882

CogSci 2017     London, UK  – 1160

CogSci 2016     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 1009

CogSci 2015     Pasadena, California – 894

CogSci 2014     Quebec City, Canada – 940

CogSci 2013     Berlin, Germany – 1,318

CogSci 2012     Sapporo, Japan – 834

CogSci 2011     Boston, Massachusetts – 1,133


Sydney, Australia at the Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2024 Exhibit Dates

Wednesday, 24 July
Installation (Tutorial Sessions)

Thursday, 25 July
Open for Regular Session Hours  

Friday, 26 July
Open for Regular Session Hours

Saturday, 27 July
(dismantle late afternoon)

Become an Exhibitor

For all requests relating to Sponsorship and Exhibitor sales, please contact Sarah-Kate Burke at Podium Conference Services


For all questions about sponsorship, exhibiting or regarding fulfillment/logistics, please contact Sarah-Kate at Podium Conference Services

Thank you to our Sponsors and Exhibitors!

The Cognitive Science Society is pleased to announce the establishment of the CogSci Grove which aims to mobilise cognitive scientists to offset carbon emissions associated with their professional activities.