Governing Board Nominations

GB Nominations Process

As a Governing Board member, duties include serving on various standing committees, participating in email discussions and votes, and attending meetings. CSS typically has two meetings a year which GB members must attend, one held the day before the Annual Meeting and a second virtual meeting is held mid-year. 

The Cognitive Science Society is committed to the inclusion of scientists working broadly in the cognitive sciences and welcomes people from diverse disciplinary expertise, gender, race, geographic location, sexual orientation, and disability status. In making nominations, we welcome all applicants that uphold our commitment to scientific merit regardless of background.

This year, we will elect three new Board Members. Each member of the Society may nominate up to two individuals per vacancy for possible inclusion on an election ballot.

The Governing Board strongly encourages nominations of non-North American colleagues in order to reflect the geographically diverse membership of the Cognitive Science Society.Please submit your nominations via the online portal, including self-nominations, by Monday 22nd March 2021. Nominees must currently be members of the Cognitive Science Society. In addition, they must have been members of the Society for at least 3 years (membership does not have to have been in 3 consecutive years).

Please have the following information ready to submit:

  • The name and contact details as the nominator (including self nominations)
  • The name and affiliation of the nominee
  • A short (one-paragraph) statement about the candidate

This statement should include the candidate’s major research area within cognitive science, and any relevant information about why the nominee would be a good board member.You’ll already have a login if you’re a member and/or attended CogSci 2020. Click ‘make an account’ to create a login:

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GB nominations portal:

The Cognitive Science Society is pleased to announce the establishment of the CogSci Grove which aims to mobilise cognitive scientists to offset carbon emissions associated with their professional activities.