Submissions FAQ

Should submissions to CogSci be anonymous or include the author information?

This year, the conference will follow a strict double-blind submission policy. Thus, the submissions must be anonymized. No information identifying the authors should be included in the submissions. Thus, authors should follow the new naming convention for their files when saving their papers for upload (<first2wordsintitle_Date.pdf) and avoid references to their own work that would reveal the identity of the submission). The double-blind policy will be strictly enforced this year and submissions that fail to adhere to these guidelines may be rejected without undergoing review.

Does appearing in the Cognitive Science Conference preclude the same work from appearing in a journal later on?

This conference is not considered an archival publication (click to download policy), so the same work can indeed be submitted to a journal later on. That said, the conference format does tend to force many details to be left out that would be expected in a journal article, and generally a conference paper that is expanded into a successful journal article includes at least 30% additional material.

Can I submit a paper that has been submitted/published elsewhere?

We will not consider any paper that substantially overlaps with another paper which has been published in a journal or another conference at the time of submission, or the time of publication of our proceedings. Submission of a full paper that (at the time of submission) is under consideration at another conference that publishes proceedings is allowed; however, if both conferences accept the paper and offer to publish it in the conference proceedings, the authors must withdraw the duplicate paper from the proceedings of one of the conferences (e.g., for the CSS Meeting, they would publish only the abstract).


Can’t I just email you my submission?

We are unable to accept submissions via email. The web-based submission system enables a distributed review process, and lets you provide information that is valuable in helping to ensure that your paper gets the most accurate reviewing available.

Do I have to be a member of the Society to submit a paper?

No, you do not have to be a member of the Society to submit a paper, regular poster, symposium, or publication-based presentation. Please note that the Society exists to foster the kind of research that appears in the conference, so if that is the sort of work you do then you will very likely find membership in the Society very beneficial. Yes, you must be a member of the Cognitive Science Society to submit a Member Abstract. Member Abstracts are published with minimal review, so that members can keep each other apprised of research progress. Note that non-members of the Society who intend to apply to become a member in order to submit a member’s abstract can apply for membership through the electronic system. Obviously, the acceptance of the abstract will be conditional on the acceptance of the application to become a member of the Society.


Can I submit a one-page abstract for a regular poster presentation?

No, you need to submit a 6-page manuscript for either an oral or poster presentation. However, if you are a member of CSS, you may submit a 150 word abstract for a member abstract presentation.

Should I already have become a member before I submit a member abstract?

No. But one should become a member on the same day as submitting a member abstract by becoming a member here.


I am a member of another cognitive science society – Does my organization have an official relationship with the Cognitive Science Society that will allow me to submit a member abstract, even though I am not a member of the Cognitive Science Society itself?

Only members of the Cognitive Science Society itself may submit member abstracts. So you would need to join the Society in order to submit an abstract. As per the previous answer, if this conference is interesting to you, you may want to seriously consider joining the Society. Other categories of submission are open to all.


I tried to sign up on the submission/reviewing web site with my Cognitive Science Society ID and it didn’t recognize me. What is going on?

For security reasons, we use a separate login system for the PCS Submission portal than for the Society/Conference web site. This means you’ll have to set up an account at the PCS Submission portal. It is a quick and relatively painless process.

All authors should have an account in the PCS submission portal and keep it updated as it is directly tied to the submissions and proceedings.


I don’t see a list of possible topics or areas on the web site.

We have not included such a list on the website, however, there are keywords in the submission form that you can choose from when you submit your abstract.


How do I embed the fonts into the document?

Every software requires a different process to embed the fonts, so we suggest you look up the instructions that are specific to your software on google. However, here is the instructions for a word document: When you make a pdf file, you typically have the option of including font information in the file. This ensures that, when the paper is compiled in the proceedings, all letters and symbols will be displayed as you intended. The method for including fonts varies depending on what software you used to create your document. For instance, in Microsoft Word, you would choose “Save As…”, select the pdf file type, click the Options button, and check the box next to ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A). (Not very intuitive I know!). For other software or platforms, the best thing to do is to Google “embedding fonts in pdf with XXX,” where XXX is your software/platform.