Future Conferences

Cogsci 2021

Comparative Cognition—Animal Minds

Location: Vienna, Austria:  26th – 29th July
Venue: University of Vienna
Organizers: Tecumseh Fitch, Claus Lamm, Helmut Leder, & Kristin Teßmar-Raible 

Cogsci 2022

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada: July 25 – August 1, 2022
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

The call is open for co-chairing the CogSci 2022 conference in Toronto. The deadline for expressions of interest is 1st October 2020. CALL FOR FUTURE ORGANIZERS

Cogsci 2023

Cognition in Context

Location: More coming soon…
Organizers: Micah Goldwater (University of Sydney, Australia), Florencia Anggoro (College of the Holy Cross, USA), Brett Hayes (UNSW-Sydney, Australia), Desmond Ong (National University of Singapore & Agency for Science Technology and Research, Singapore)


Allied Events

ASIC 2020

The interdisciplinary cognitive science conference, ASIC, organized by Richard Shiffrin, will be held July 14-19 2021 in San Martino di Castrozza in the Dolomites of Italy. Please visit the website: https://cogs.sitehost.iu.edu/asic/2021/websites.shtml