Call for proposals: 2023 CogSci Meetup Funding

The Cognitive Science society has committed funds to supporting local events in Zone B countries in conjunction with the 2023 conference. Each eligible site can apply for up to $2500, and the application deadline is January 9, 2023.


For the past two years, cognitive scientists have organized local events around the world in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Cognitive Science society. These events have included small group discussions, academic presentations, poster sessions, mentoring sessions, and conference streaming sessions. They have varied in length from single-day events to satellite conferences that have taken place over several days. For more information, see the guidelines provided to meetup organizers in 2022, and the webpages for meetups held in 2021 and 2022.

For 2023, the Cognitive Science society has committed funding to support similar events in Zone B countries. The funding is intended to defray the costs involved in running a meetup, and to enable meetups on a larger scale than would otherwise be possible.


Any individual or group who plans to organize a 2023 meetup in a Zone B country (low and middle income economies) is eligible to apply. Please visit this page for economic zone definitions for Society Initiatives for further information.

Application deadline

January 9, 2023 (UTC -12:00 – as long as it is still January 9 somewhere on earth your application will be accepted)

Application structure

Your application should aim to give us a detailed picture of what your meetup will be like and how you plan to use the funds that you are requesting. It should include at least four sections

  1. Organizing team. Please list all of the meetup organizers along with their email addresses and academic affiliations. Feel free to include additional information about the organizers – e.g. career stage, area of cognitive science, etc.
  2. Time and place. When and where will the meetup be held?
  3. Meetup format. Please include a draft schedule explaining what will happen during your meetup. For some ideas about possible elements to include see here.
  4. Budget. Please include a complete budget for the meetup. The budget should specify how much funding you are requesting and what these funds will be spent on. Each organizing team can request up to $US 2500 in funds. In some cases the funding requested will form only part of the budget – e.g. some organizers may choose to ask participants to pay a local registration fee, and some may have additional sponsorship from other sources. The budget should give us a complete financial picture of the meetup and allow us to understand how the requested funds contribute to the full budget.

If there is other relevant information that doesn’t fit into the four sections above please include that as well! For example, please consider including information about

  • How the meetup will be advertised, and how the organizers will encourage the local cognitive science community to participate
  • Any local facilities that can be used to support the meetup (e.g. meeting rooms and AV equipment at a local university)
  • Other funding sources (possible or confirmed) that could supplement the funding requeste

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