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The mission of the Society is to promote Cognitive Science as a discipline, and to foster scientific interchange among researchers in various areas of study, including Anthropology, Artificial Intelligence, Education, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Psychology. 

Outreach Coordinator

The Cognitive Science Society seeks an Outreach Coordinator to oversee various efforts of the society to make cognitive science accessible to non-experts, particularly targeting those at high school and early undergraduate level from under-represented communities. Together with our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the Outreach Coordinator will develop a strategic plan that will include short and long term goals. Current initiatives include the following, but we also welcome ideas from candidates for this position:

•      Creating and implementing open competitions on our social media channels that foster interest in Cognitive Science.

•      Developing and coordinating a new outreach grant program with the committee

•      Collating existing video material (Youtube, tiktok and other platforms) on cognitive science to add to our CSS channel and website as appropriate

•      Evaluating effectiveness of current efforts and recommending a long-term plan for outreach activities

Suitable candidates can be at any career level and any area of cognitive science, but would be able to demonstrate:

•            Excellent project management skills and attention to detail

•            Good knowledge of social media channels (technical expertise not necessary)

•            Good communication skills, including ability to communicate to experts and non-experts about cognitive science

•            Ability to work in a team

•            Wide ranging knowledge of Cognitive Science

The Cognitive Science Society is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion. In recruiting for the society, we welcome the unique contributions that you can bring in terms of gender, ethnicity, race, nation of origin, languages spoken, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs.

This position has an annual stipend of $12,000.


Applicants should send a CV and letter of interest to . Applicants should make clear in their letter of interest how their skills and experiences match the responsibilities outlined above, and provide evidence of their organizational and communication skills, especially in working with diverse disciplines and stakeholders. Contact details for references will be requested from shortlisted candidates.


December 15th, 2021

Other Board Members

Elena Andonova (2016-2021) – New Bulgarian University
Morteza Dehghani (2016-2021) – University of Southern California
Susan Gelman (2014-2019) – University of Michigan
Dedre Gentner (2015-2020) – Northwestern University
Kevin Gluck (2014-2019) – Air Force Research Laboratory
Adele Goldberg (2017-2022) – Princeton University
Mutsumi Imai (2018-2023) – Keio University
Roger Levy (2017-2022) – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Teenie Matlock (2013-2018) – University of California, Merced
Nora Newcombe (2013-2018) – Temple University
Anna Papafragou (2017-2022) – University of Delaware
Kenny Smith (2018-2023) – University of Edinburgh

Graduate Student Representative: Rui Meng (2018 – 2019) – University of Wisconsin