Cogsci Virtual

Virtual Presentation Guidelines:


How to video your presentation:

Whether you present virtually all the time or not, these instructions and guidelines are designed to make the recording of your talk a simple step by step process – regardless of technical ability.

CogSci2020 Presentation Recording Instructions

CogSci2020 Best Practices & Tips for Recording your Video


Virtual Poster Presentation Requirements:

As a poster presenter at CogSci 2020, you will be required to upload the following information by Monday, July 20, 2020:

  • PDF of your Poster (landscape format).
  • Pre-recorded (3-5-minute) video presentation (see instructions above).  We suggest that you summarize the following:
  1. study’s objective and significance
  2. methods used
  3. results obtained
  4. conclusions and implications

Presenters have flexibility in how their presentations are structured. One option is to treat the virtual poster presentation as a mini-talk, with a short slide deck of the key points in your poster.  Another option is to display your poster and guide the audience through it as you would in a live poster session.  We have received some feedback indicating that the first option may be a particularly effective way of summarizing the key points of a poster. Presenters are encouraged to use the format they find is most effective for communicating their work.

Please note: this video will be ‘on demand’ from your virtual poster stand, in order that attendees can visit your work, even when you are not available.

You may also upload (Optional):

  • Email address for poster contact
  • Your PowerPoint presentation
  • Handouts/supplementary documents in support of your poster (optional)


Virtual Oral Presentation Requirements:

All speaker presentations will be scheduled into the program as simulated live talks. This means that attendees will watch each pre-recorded talk as if being broadcast live — without the stress of live streaming and the potential technical issues that arise from this.

Oral presentations are 15 min followed by a 5 min Q&A.

Following on from each pre-recorded talk, the presenter will be asked (where/when possible) to attend a virtual live Q&A to answer any questions or add to any discussions taking place around a presentation.

As an oral presenter at CogSci 2020, you will be required to upload the following information by Monday, July 20, 2020:

  •  Pre-recorded (max 15-minute) video presentation (with or without PowerPoint slides or equivalent – see instructions above).

The Cognitive Science Society is pleased to announce the establishment of the CogSci Grove which aims to mobilise cognitive scientists to offset carbon emissions associated with their professional activities.