Cogsci 2019

The 41st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society was held in Montreal, Canada at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal on Wednesday July 24th – Saturday July 27th, 2019 (Wednesday, July 24th is the Tutorials and Workshops day).

The conference highlighted research on the theme, Creativity + Cognition + Computation, in addition to the full breadth and diversity of research topics offered by the society’s membership.



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2019 Committees

Awards Committee

Chair: Prof. Andrea Patalano, Wesleyan University, USA
Prof. Steve Sloman, Brown University, USA
Prof. Wendy Newstetter, Georgia Tech, USA
Prof. Michael Mozer, Univ. of Colorado, USA

Communications Committee

Chair: Prof. Rick Dale, Univ. of California – Los Angeles, USA
Co-Chair: Rui Meng, Univ. of Wisconsin, USA

Graduate Organizers Committee

Chair: Matthew Setzler, Indiana University, USA
Co-Chair: Peter Felsman, Univ. of Michigan, USA

Local CogSci Community Committee

Chair: Prof. Isabelle Soulieres, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

Member Abstracts Committee

Chair: Prof. Maithilee Kunda, Vanderbilt University, USA
Co-Chair: Dr. Ana-Maria Olteteanu, Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany

Member Publication-Based Talks committee

Chair: Prof. Jim Davies, Carleton University, Canada
Co-Chair: Prof. Evangelia Chrysikou, Drexel University, USA

Program Committee

Prof. Ashok Goel, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Prof. Colleen Seifert, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
Prof. Christian Freksa, University of Bremen, Germany

Symposia Committee

Chair: Prof. Nora Newcombe, Temple University, USA
Co-Chair: Prof. Garrison Cottrell, Univ. of California – San Diego, USA

Tutorials and Workshops Committee

Dr. Thomas Barkowsky, University of Bremen, Germany
Prof. Travis Seymour, Univ. of California – Santa Cruz, USA
Prof. Elizabeth Bonawitz, Rutgers University – Newark, USA
Dr. Swaroop Vattam, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA

Sponsorship Committee

Chair: Prof. Keith McGreggor, GaTech, USA

2019 Conference Awards

Rumelhart Prize

The recipient of the twentieth David E. Rumelhart Prize is Stanislas Dehaene. Please click here for more information

Glushko Prize

Kirsten Adam – 2018 PhD thesis “Characterizing the limits of visual working memory,” from University of Chicago, précis

Max Kleiman-Weiner – 2018 PhD thesis “Computational foundations of human social intelligence,” from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, précis

Martin Maier – 2018 PhD thesis “Language, meaning, and visual perception: Event-related potentials reveal top-down influences on early visual processing,” from Humboldt University, précis

Jean-Paul Noel – 2018 PhD thesis “Leveraging multisensory neurons, circuits, brains, and bodies to study consciousness: From the outside-in and the inside-out,” from Vanderbilt University, précis

Katharine Tillman – 2017 PhD thesis “Constructing the concept of time: Roles of language, perception, and culture,” from University of California, San Diego, précis

Marr Prize

Jose M. Ceballos, University of Washington
The Role of Basal Ganglia Reinforcement Learning in Lexical Priming and Automatic Semantic Ambiguity Resolution

Nicolas Oliver Riesterer, Universität Freiburg
Modeling Human Syllogistic Reasoning: The Role of “No Valid Conclusion”


Douglas Guilbeault, University of Pennsylvania
The Social Network Dynamics of Category Formation

Ardavan S. Nobandegani, McGill University
A Resource-Rational Process-Level Account of the St. Petersburg Paradox

Benjamin Peloquin, Stanford University
The Interactions of Rational, Pragmatic Agents Lead to Efficient Language Structure and Use

Yunyan Duan, Northwestern University
A Rational Model of Word Skipping in Reading: Ideal Integration of Visual and Linguistic Information


Megumi Sano, Stanford University
Graphical Convention Formation During Visual Communication


Jose M. Ceballos, University of Washington Seattle
The Role of Basal Ganglia Reinforcement Learning in Lexical Priming and Automatic Semantic Ambiguity Resolution

Tania Delgado, University of California San Diego
Differences in Learnability of Pantomime Versus Artificial Sign: Iconicity, Cultural Evolution, and Linguistic Structure

Nianyu Li, Peking University
A Conceptual Model of Self-Adaptive Systems Based on Attribution Theory

Che Lucero, Cornell University
Unconscious Number Discrimination in the Human Visual System

Mukesh B. Makwana, Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences, Mumbai
Hands in Mind: Learning to Write with Both Hands Improves Inhibitory Control, but Not Attention

Guilherme Sanches de Oliveira, University of Cincinnati
Bee-ing In the World: Phenomenology, Cognitive Science, and Interactivity in a Novel Insect-Tracking Task

Staci Meredith Weiss, Temple University
Individual Differences in Bodily Attention: Variability in Anticipatory Mu Rhythm Power Is Associated with Executive Function Abilities and Processing Speed

Student Travel Grants

Nicolas Collignon, University of Edinburgh
Douglas Guilbeault, University of Pennsylvania
Ethan Hurwitz, University of California, San Diego
Akila Kadambi, University of California, Los Angeles
Kei Kashiwadate, Tokyo Denki University
Lara Kirfel, University College London
Sang Ho Lee, Ohio State University
Ashley Leung, University of Chicago
Mahi Luthra, Indiana University
Olivia Miske, Arizona State University
Sebastian Musslick, Princeton University
Benjamin Peloquin, Stanford University
Nicolas Riesterer, University of Freiburg
Harrison Ritz, Brown University
Jennifer Sloane, University of New South Wales
Leila Straub, ETH Zurich
Karina Tachihara, Princeton University
Charley Wu, Max Planck Institute for Human Development
Yueyuan Zheng, University of Hong Kong

Sponsors and Exhibitors